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Imagine having your OWN restaurant broadcast network controlled by your smart phone, tablet or computer to promote your restaurants. Your custom-designed APOP (Animated Point Of Purchase) complements your restaurant chain's marketing and advertising to increase sales and profit opportunities.

APOP displays high-resolution quality photography and text according to the daypart and the day of the week with visual impact, intensity and appeal.

Animated Point Of Purchase can be utilized by any multi-unit restaurant chain who needs an easy and effective way of promoting their own marketing messages (centralized or decentralized). APOP consists of a monitor, iPad, AirPlay, Apple TV and a WiFi Internet connection.

In 1992, ImageNNetwork's vision of adding animation to point of purchase to increase sales and profits became a reality. McDonald'sŪ, d'angelo sandwich shops and other fast food restaurants were the first to start using APOP (check out the original APOP in the history section).

DESIGN YOUR IMAGINATION... And all your restaurants will benefit greatly! Take a tour to see how.

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